Broken Backlink Finder

What are broken backlinks?

Broken baclinks are website hyperlinks that do not find their chosen website target. For example, a link on that points to instead of would be a broken backlink as does not exist. Another example would be if a website on was pointing to If missingWebPage.html has been removed by Google then this would result in a 404 error and another broken backlink.

Why should I use broken backlink finder?

We all know backlinks power your website up the search engine rankings and its very tempting to break the Google webmaster guidelines and buy links or spam links. However this can very risky and may get your website delisted on Google. So if you're looking for a legit whitehat risk free way of getting backlinks to your website a broken backlink campaign is a great option.

How does a broken backlink campaign work?

Once you find a broken backlink on a website that you like the look of you simply email the website owner and inform them that they have a broken link and that you have some relevant content to replace this link. You won't always get a nice new shiny link but over time you will get good results and whats more important is these types of links are safe, you haven't broken the Google webmaster guidelines in anyway.

How does broken backlink finder work?

You have two options in broken backlink finder. Firstly you can enter a single website or list of websites that you want to crawl and try and find broken backlinks on. Or secondly you can enter your keywords you're trying to rank for and the software will grab as many websites ranking for those search terms as you want and then crawl those.

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