Supa Growth blog

20th June 2017

New tools are now on the website along with account creation! :-) Is this the world worst blog? I've written a page in over a year...

June 2017

OK so I've now released 9 new tools. Love to know what you guys think of them. As you can see writing is not my strong point. I enjoy coding way more.

February 2017

Hey guys, sooo. I've been away for a while working on various projects but I'm going to put 100% into this now and grow it into a long term business. I've decided if its going to be a sustainable long term business I'm going to have to monitise it somehow, but I still want to keep it all free so I'm going to be collecting emails for the downloads. Hopefully this is a good compromise.

July 2016

Once again..haha haven't posted anything in this blog section been too busy coding new tools. Got another three coming out in a few days though, really cool stuff :-)

June 2016

Hi Guys! Sorry I've haven't posted anything here for ages. Rest assured I've been working at 100% speed in the background. I've got 5 new super cool pieces of software I'm about to release in the next few days so please stay tuned :-)

March 2016

No much to report for March 2016 I'm just going to continue building my software, got some great ideas. Thinking of doing a suggestion page too. Thnking about marketing the website , probably going to promote it on WF and BWH then get some twitter accounts going! Please be patient while I build up the website, its going to look a little empty for a while.