Amazon Keyword Generator

What is Amazon Keyword Generator?

Amazon Keyword Generator is a 100% free keyword software tool that allows users to generate unlimited long tail keywords from Amazon auto search suggest. Amazon auto search suggest keywords are generated when an Amazon user enters any characters. For example if they enter cooking then a list of auto complete suggestions will be generated.

How does Amazon Keyword Generator work?

The tool simply fires requests off to Amazon in the background and scrapes the results to automatically to find long tail variants of your niches keywords that Amazon users are searching for when buying items from Amazon. You simply enter your inital niches keyword(s) then configure the depth of long tails you want to generate and click start.. For example if your niche/main keyword is gaming, you would simply enter gaming and click generate long tails and the software would bring back hundreds of gaming related long tail keywords to give you a better insight into what Amazon customers in your niche are searching for. This will also help you optimise your Amazon listings so they appear higher up in Amazon search results.

Why should I use it?

This free keyword tool allows you to gain a greater insign into your niches customers searching habits. With this keyword checker you may find long tail variants of your main keywords that you had no idea people were searching for and how many 100% truly unlimited free keyword finders are there on the web?

What does it look like?

Amazon Keyword Generator

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Change log

  • 29/08/2017 - Initial release