Free software coming soon from Supa Growth

Own an SEO or Affiliate Marketing blog? - I'm looking to partner up with some SEO/IM influencers and give away some of my tools as lead magnets on their websites. I typically have a 30% - 40% Opt-in rate on my website. By giving away my software I can help you achieve the same. Learn more.

Competition alert

Competition alert will monitor the SERPs for new competitors entering your niche. Be the first to know about new competition so you can see how they're ranking and assess if they're a threat to your businesses.

New business checker

Trying to think of a name of your new business but everything seems to have the domain not available or the twitter handle is gone or a massively popular productis going to cause confusion. New business checker will check to see if any TLD domain has been purchaed and if all the social accounts are free to register. It will also check all major trademarks and existing business names.

Plagiarism checker

Just point it at your website and Plagiarism checker will crawl everypage then check for exact or similar matches on other websites around the web. Find out if your content is being copied in just a few clicks.

Swiss IM knife

A general tool that can do anything to a list of domains or webpages.

Advanced sitemap generator

A tool for generating sitemaps with a the clicks of a button. It will crawl your website and give you powerful options to generate the perfect sitemap.

Social shout manager

Really into your s4s? Social shout manager wil help you keep track of who you're doing shouts with and the gains you're getting.

Power redirector

Power redirector will allow users to redirect their website traffic by user agent, country, mobile device and more without any coding experience needed.


Find the keywords your competitors are bidding on with ease.

Image guard

Own an online business with a lot of valued and unique images? Do you know if other are using them and not giving you credit? Image guard will crawl your website and check if each image is being used elsewhere online.