Easy YouTube Traffic

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What is Easy YouTube Traffic?

Easy YouTube Traffic is a free dekstop software tool that allows users to find YouTube videos with massive views that are unmonetized and not linked with a business in anyway. These videos can be used to generate huge amounts of niche targeted traffic from YouTube.

How does this free tool work?

You simply enter your keywords into the tool and it will go off and in the background scrape Youtube for videos related to your keywords. These videos are then checked for certain configurable criteria to assess if they are currently being monitised in any way by the user who uploaded the video. If they are not being monitised currently, you can reach out to the vieo uploader and offer something in return for your link being inserted in the description. Easy, white hat, safe, cheap traffic!

Tool options

The options below allow you to tune the search for unmonitised videos.

  • Exclude verified channels - This option will exclude any videos from any channels that are verified. Verified channel will be monitising their videos.
  • Exclude channels with links on about - This option will exclude any videos from uploaders that have links on their about page, which businesses normally do.
  • Exclude videos with links in description - This option will exclude any videos with links in their description as they are probably being monitised
  • Exclude if channel has custom thumb nail - If the uploader has a custom thumb nail they may be a business (this can be on/off depending on your results)
  • Mine more keywords from keywords - This option will use the auto suggest feature on YouTube search to find long tail variants of your entered keywords. Turning 1 keyword into hundreds.
  • Use proxies (dedicated) - Use proxies for faster scraping, please use dedicated high quality proxies.
  • Min Views - The minimum amount of views a video should have before its showm in the results grid
  • Max Subs - If an uploader has over "Max subs" value then exclude the video as this is an indication of a monitised video/channel

Why should I use this free tool?

This is a safe way of generating high quality niche laser targeted cheap traffic. Plus know anywhere else on the web you can get this sort of software for free? ;-)

What does this tool look like?

Easy Youtube Traffic

Watch Easy Youtube Traffic in action / Tutorial

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Change log

  • 05/12/2017 - Initial release
  • 05/12/2017 - Added better activity feedback