Easy YouTube Traffic

What is Easy YouTube Traffic?

Easy YouTube Traffic is a dekstop software tool that allows users to find YouTube videos with massive views that are unmonetized and not linked with a business in anyway. These videos can be used to generate huge amounts of niche targeted traffic from YouTube.

How does this tool work?

You simply enter your YouTube keywords into the tool and it will go off and in the background scrape Youtube for videos related to your keywords. These videos are then checked for certain configurable criteria to assess if they are currently being monitised in any way by the user who uploaded the video. If they are not being monitised currently, you can reach out to the vieo uploader and offer something in return for your link being inserted in the description. Easy, white hat, safe, cheap traffic!

Tool options

The options below allow you to tune the search for unmonitised videos.

  • Exclude verified channels - This option will exclude any videos from any channels that are verified. Verified channel will be monitising their videos.
  • Exclude channels with links on about - This option will exclude any videos from uploaders that have links on their about page, which businesses normally do.
  • Exclude videos with links in description - This option will exclude any videos with links in their description as they are probably being monitised
  • Exclude if channel has custom thumb nail - If the uploader has a custom thumb nail they may be a business (this can be on/off depending on your results)
  • Mine more keywords from keywords - This option will use the auto suggest feature on YouTube search to find long tail variants of your entered keywords. Turning 1 keyword into hundreds.
  • Use proxies (dedicated) - Use proxies for faster scraping, please use dedicated high quality proxies.
  • Min Views - The minimum amount of views a video should have before its showm in the results grid
  • Max Subs - If an uploader has over "Max subs" value then exclude the video as this is an indication of a monitised video/channel

Why should I use this free tool?

This is a safe way of generating high quality niche laser targeted cheap traffic ;-)

What does this tool look like?

Easy Youtube Traffic

Watch Easy Youtube Traffic in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 05/12/2017 - Initial release
  • 05/12/2017 - Added better activity feedback

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from SuperGrowth.com in this video I'm going to show you how to use my easy youtube traffic tool, this tool, what it does, it allows you to find thousands of high view and unmonetize YouTube videos. So why would you want them? Basically, how you use this tool is, you'd find the YouTube views that have got tons and tons of views which this tool do for you, and then you reach out to the owners of those videos and you say: can you put my link in the description of the video and you offer them something of value. You know it could be a split of whatever money that link generates or a free gift, a surprise or as a favor or whatever, it's up to you how to sell it to them. But if you offer them something of value a lot of the time they they will do it, because it doesn't cost him anything just a little bit of their time, and you will generate a lot of traffic. You will often find that people record something really cool on their phone and be like I want to share it with the rest of the world.

So they upload to YouTube, and then they forget about it and a lot of the time these things can go viral and get tons and tons of views. You're talking like a quarter of a million views or something like that. I've seen videos with like half a million views that no one's tried to make money off in any way at all and that's pretty common. So what this tool does is it basically finds those videos that people aren't monetizing that had just been essentially wasted because these people who've uploaded them they don't know about affiliate marketing, they don't know about internet marketing, they don't know the value of those views.

You basically take advantage of that fact that they do not know the value of those views, but you can offer to split the money you make from the views with them or you can just offer them a gift. However, you sell it, It's up to you, but basically that's what the tool does, it finds wasted videos with tons of views and then it's up to you to reach out to the owner of those videos and get your link in the description. Okay. So, to start off, we'll just go through some of the options and and how it basically works a basic overview at the tool. So in here you enter your niche keywords so for this example we're just going to use Nissan 370z. You can enter multiple keywords. If you want and we'll go through some of these options here, so if you have this one ticked, if a channel is verified, it excludes it because obviously it's probably monetized in some way, if it's a verified channel, if the channel has links on the about page they're excluded again as they're probably monetized in some way they're not goig to want to add your link in say the videos in the description if they've already got links in the description, they're, probably trying to make money out the video in some ways they're not going to want to add your link.

If they've set a custom thumbnail, sometimes I leave that one on, sometimes I don't only find ones that aren't monetized because of the custom thumbnail. If I take it off, I get more results, but some of them sometimes are monetized, thats basically what that does. If you have this ticked, when you click start search down here, it'll take each of these keywords and it will basically mine the autosuggest on YouTube for more keywords from this keyword, so, for example, it'll go off to the autosuggest and put Nissan 370z a and then all the suggestions that come back, such as nissan 370z acceleration, Nissan 370z automatic, etc all the things beginning with a, it will take all of those keywords and then also search them as well as 370z, and it will work its way through the alphabet, AEDC and then 1 2 and up to 9 as well. So that'll turn your one main keyword into you know anywhere between a hundred to a thousand longtail keywords, so you'll get tons and tons of more search, more results from that it will be slower. It will be lot slower, but you'll get a lot of results. If you use that option, but it up to you to play around with that and say whether that's right for you, so if you want to use proxies click that and enter your proxies in here, please pay close attention to the format there and please only use dedicated good quality proxies. So for each match that we find this is the minimum amount of views that it will have to be shown in the results grid here, so I've used ten thousand, but you can crank it up to a hundred thousand, if you want it depends.

How many people you want to of subscribed to a channel, so that's another way I've found to tell if someone is monetizing a video or not the amount of subs that a channel has. You know generally, if they've got over 1000 by the person who uploaded the video, then that probably encouraging people to subscribe so generally, I leave that a thousand, but again you can play around with any of these settings. Okay, so that's pretty much the settings. We will, click start and we'll see in action, so you can now see it's mining for longtail keywords as we had this option selected and there you go. It's now finished mining, so as we're not using proxies it's putting a delay between the requests so that we don't get our IP address blocked. It's a little bit slow to begin with, to bring about results because you're bringing back the you know the most popular viewed videos for that keyword, Nissan 370z and because they're, the most popular views, they're, probably monetized and owned by some channel and you've got links and description.

So once we get through, you know a few pages of results, we'll start to find ones that haven't been monetized in any way. So we'll just give that a minute and then we'll come back to it. So it's only been about 30 seconds or something we're on page 6 and you can see we're starting to get some results now. So we found a video titled 370z drifting, it's got three hundred and twenty-eight thousand views and it's not being monetized in any way. So we know that it's not a verified YouTube channel, there's no links in the about there's no links in the description. It's not a custom thumbnail and we know they're, probably not trying to make any money out of it. So I'm not sure whether you'll be able to see this actually because of how I'm record this video. But if we click that button, it will take us straight to the about page of the owner of that channel and we can reach out to them and see if we can get our link in the description - and you know - and we can just send them a message and say: hey, I see you'll do nothing with this video do you want to put our link in the description I'll give you something in return? We've found another one bit lower views this one, but we've got you know so many keywords to go through we're only on our main keyword still at the moment on page 10, and I think there's like 40 pages and we've got like 100, other so long tails generated from that.

So hopefully you can see the potential of this program. You know, if you leave it running, you can find some huge videos, huge viewed, videos that people have uploaded and just doing nothing with, and you can make a lot of money out of those videos. You can get some really nice targeted, cheap YouTube traffic, you can even do it for free. You can offer them a commission split or just do it as a favor. I said it's up to you, how you sell it, try different things. I wouldn't spam your domain too much in the messages, maybe send an initial message to see they're open to the suggestion and then send your domain in the next message. Just so that you know you don't get your domain banned for you know messaging tons of people and yeah, hopefully this software tool will generate you, some good cheap YouTube traffic to your website.