Email List Cleaner

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What is Email List Cleaner?

Email List Cleaner is a free software tool that allows users to import their email lists then each email address will be filtered through up to 10 different rules to determine if its a real valid email address that is worth sending emails to.

How does it work?

Here is the list of filters that are applied to each email address.

  • SMTP check - We will connect to the server (so if the email address is we connect to MX records) mailbox then ask the mail server if the mailbox exists. While this works perfectly for gmail from any IP address some other mail servers such as hotmail will not allow this check from a residential IP address as rDNS must be setup. However as we only mark the email address as invalid if we receive a mailbox does not exist error we eliminate any false positives.
  • Gibberish check - We check each email address for mixes of letters and numbers that contain few unique letters and numbers. For example would pass but would fail the list clean.
  • Rude word check - Swear words and words that are not commonly in email addresses cause these emails to be filtered out.
  • Valid email (loose check) - Checks email address to see if they contain only letters and numbers, - _ and @
  • Valid email (loose check) - Checks email address to see if they conform to the RFC 5322 standard.
  • Known temp disposable email domain - Checks to see if the email contains a known temp disposable email domain from the softwares internal database of known temp disposable email domains
  • Suspected temp disposable email domain - At the start of the run this settings will search Google for keywords such as "disposable email address". Then it will crawl all the results extracting and validating all the domains it can find on these disposable email address websites, while being careful not to exclude known good email domains.
  • Email domain DNS resolves - Checks to see if the domain on the email has DNS that successfully resolves.
  • Check if domain has MX records - Checks the email domain to see if it has MX records set.
  • Duplicate check - Checks to see if email address is a duplicate and already in imported email list.

Why should I use it?

Hard bounces not only cost money that you will never get back but it also damages the reputation of your sending IP address or risks your email provider shutting down your account. Emailing a clean list helps ensure accurate stats, a better IP address reputation and more ROI per email campaign. Where else can you get a email list cleaner for free with this many features?

What does it look like?

Email List Cleaner

Watch Email List Cleaner in action / Tutorial

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Change log

  • 19/09/2017 - Initial release
  • 20/09/2017 - Switched off "suspected temp email list generation" by default, takes over 20min unless you have an i7+
  • 23/11/2017 - Fixed exporting of dirty emails bug