Forum Traffic Generator

What is Forum Traffic Generator ?

Forum Traffic Generator is a desktop application that will monitor your favorite forums for new threads that contain your niche's keywords. Allowing you to get the first reply and most exposure of your link or signature helping you generate a flood of targeted traffic to your website.

How does this tool work?

If the forum you want to monitor makes use of squential thread ID's in the URL then this software is compatible. To test this simply browse to your chosen forum(s) open a thread and see if there is an ID in the URL. Here are some examples.

As you can see these forums use sequential ID's to identify and load the different threads so they will most likely be compatible with this software tool.
Once you have entered a recent thread from your chosen forum(s) the software will try loading higher thread ID's to find the latest thread. It will now periodically check for new threads at your chosen interval and then check the contents of the post to see if it matches any of your chosen keywords. If it does you will be instantly notified via the title of the thread showing in the tool or a notification balloon popup. This allows you to get the first reply on that niche related thread meaning your link or signature gets maximum exposure to all the threads visitors.

Why should I use this tool?

Forum traffic allows you to get a flood of target niche related high converting traffic. This tool will do all the monitoring for you, so instead of you constantly browsing forums looking threads you can post on this will keep track of your favourite ones for you. Allowing you to use your time on other parts of your business. By getting to the thread first every visitor will see your response before anyone elses. How often do you typically read an entire thread? Not very often. Promotion of your service after the first few replies is typically a waste.

This tool allows you to get the most traffic possible while investing as little time as possible.

What does this tool look like?

Forum Traffic Generator

Watch Forum Traffic Generator in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 12/01/2018 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my forum traffic generator tool. So what this tool basically does is it does two things. Firstly, it allows you to monitor your favorite forums where you generate some highly targeted niche traffic, it allows you to monitor them for new posts related to certain keywords. Secondly, one of the unique advantages about this tool compared to other website monitoring solutions, is that you can literally be alerted within seconds of someone creating a thread that matches your set criteria. Eg it contains your set keywords and the beauty of that is the in forum traffic generation if you get to that post first, then you get the first reply and you get the most exposure of either your link in the post or just your message in the reply that you enter or your link in the signal signature, so that means you get the maximum exposure of your service for your post.

So it's just a really efficient way of using your time, because typically when you do forum traffic generation you go on a forum you browse around so either post your link, you post it and then you know it might be like way down like in a thread. That's got 50 replies already no one's going to go through the whole thread and get to that post. With this tool you get to that thread first and you get max exposure of your service or link right at the top of that thread for everyone to see. Okay, so let's add a forum and a check for that forum and then once it's caught up with the latest post I'll, go to that forum and submits a thread that matches our criteria.

We should see it appear in the results grid here. So, in this instance we're going to use an SEO and affiliate marketing forum called Black Hat World. You can see, I pasted it in the thread URL there and it's plucked out what it believes is the thread ID. If that is incorrect, then please do correct it. The software tool goes off the longest digit string, the digit combination in the URL, which is normally the thread post ID. So you can see we now got that in the list of forums. You'll, add a new forum, then check name then add the SEO keyword to monitor for SEO. This setting here by default it will check only what it believes is the content of that thread. It's pretty robust that check, but if you're absolutely certain that tool isn't picking up threads, that definitely have your keywords in them then perhaps it can't understand the forum HTML, it can't extract the content and you just select check the whole page with HTML, but most of the time it will be able to extract the content is pretty clever like that.

Okay, so let's save that and you can see the check has now appeared there. So we will now start monitoring this forum for any threads match criteria of containing the SEO keyword. So you can see it's found some already, but that's not probably the latest thread. I don't think I put the latest thread in there, so it's just working its way through now, so it looks like, as you can see it's working its way through these IDs. You can see that it's not finding them, which implies that they haven't been created yet so once it finds ten in a row that don't exist, then it's pretty certain that the thread count hasn't increaed yet.

Right so how I've set the program up at the moment in my settings is that once we're sure, we've got to the latest thread, which is figured out now then it'll sleep for 30 seconds and it will check again for the latest thread for any new threads and it'll sleep for 30 seconds and it'll keep doing that. You don't have to have it a 30 seconds, I just have it at that because I don't crawling and hitting these these forums too much you can have them. You can have it in zero seconds if you want and just constantly be checking if you really want to. Right so I'm now doing to close this and I'm going to go away and post a thread that matches this criteria and we should see it appear magically in this result box here.

Okay, so I've gone ahead and just posted an SEO thread on the chosen forum and you can see when we get to the end of our little sleeping cycle, which I said you don't have to have you don't want it there you go, it's picked it up and you can see, we've found it. We've extracted the title , we've got it there. We can open up and go and view it and then that's it, and then we carry on checking for new threads. So you can have any keywords you want in there and you can set this program just to start on boot up, if you want so you could enter all your checks and then set it to check forums in the background. So there whenever you turn your computer on, it starts up in the background and just works its way through all the new forum threads. Looking for all your targeted keywords, and then you get a notification or you can just leave it running while you're working so instead of crawling forums browsing forums yourself. Looking for a related posts, you can just get on with your day doing other things growing your business in other ways and then just let this tool do the hard work for you in the background. Okay, that's it guys thanks for watching, and I hope you find this software tool useful.