Free Public Proxy Finder

What is Free Proxy Finder?

Free Proxy Finder is a software tool that allows users to scrape open public proxies off proxy listing websites. It not only does this automatically in the background but it does it at scale, scraping hundreds of websites and then even testing the results for you.

How does it work?

You simply click "find proxies" and the software will fire queries at Google to find websites that have huge lists, once it finds these it will scrape their lists and test each result it finds to make sure its working for you by connecting to test websites. This all happens in the background saving you hours of work. The tool has two main options. Firstly the depth to scrape website results from Google, this can be 10 results per query or it can be up to 100. 100 will be slow but give you more results. 10 will be quicker but give you less results. The second option is the timeout on each proxy test, by default this is 10 seconds so if a successful connection can't be made to the target website in under 10 seconds it will class that result as failed. This setting can be adjusted to any timeout value you desire.

Why should I use it?

This free tool will save you hours of work. If you wanted to build a huge list of proxies imagine how long it would take you to search for all the various keywords on Google then copy and paste each proxy server from each website then test each one. It would take literally weeks. This tool can do it for you in minutes. Private (dedicated and semi-dedicated) proxies should be used for any application that needs a reliable connection. Please do not use any public proxies sourced through this application on any of the tools provided on my website.

What does it look like?

Free Proxy Finder

Watch the tool in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 06/10/2017 - Initial release

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my public proxy finder. Basically, you know, sometimes you might want public proxies to run to use a certain SEO software, etc and BOTS, and whatever you can search online for them and you'll find tons and tons of websites that give you lists and sometimes those proxies work sometimes they don't. What this software tool basically does is once you click find proxies in the background it'll go away to Google it'll search for keywords such as public proxy list, free proxy list etc. Things like that for loads of different keywords variations and it'll scrape all the results, all the websites that provide proxy lists and then it'll crawl the results of the proxy lists websites for proxies and it will extract all those proxies and test them and then the working ones you'll get in this little text box down here.

So hopefully it should be obvious, that its going to save you tons and tons of time, because this application is basically going Ninety-Five percent of the public proxy websites scraping all the proxies off them testing them and then just giving you them all in one big result here. After a few minutes of scraping and testing so I'll just quickly go through the options then i'll show you it working. So that's how many queries to pull, how many websites sorry results to pull back from Google per search query so, for example, you might have it might be searching for free public proxies and it will bring back 30 websites. So if you want it to be quick, if you want the results, quick just put in like 10, if you want, as many proxies as I can get, which will take longer to scrape in there and test, you can put in here when we're testing the proxies a lot of time proxies are very slow because again hammered by so many people, public proxies that is.

So if you only want quick public proxies, you can put in a timeout of two seconds so that, when it does the test it'll go from your machine through the public proxy to the test website and if it takes longer than two seconds it will exclude that proxy from the results, or you can crank it all the way up to sixty, if you want, so you don't care how long the connection takes, but we'll leave that as ten for now. Okay, so I'll show you it in action, so click find proxies and you can see it's found proxies it's testing them. First, it does the scrape, the Google scrape, then it finds all the proxies and it once it's completed all that then it works its way through testing them all.

See there you go, it's finished the scrape now and now it's working its way through testing them all, and you can see these are all the ones appearing in the text box that we found to be working and are within our time out. Okay, so hopefully that should give you a good idea of how it works, and I do have to stress - please do not use public proxies with any software that needs a reliable connection as they are up and down like crazy. It's alright, if you're using them for like pumping your YouTube, video or something like that where it doesn't really matter if the connection drops out, but you know scraping Google and things like that, you should never use public proxies that are from proxying listing websites.