PBN Hunter - see how they're really ranking...

What is a PBN?

A PBN is short for private blog network. A private blog network is a network of websites that are used for the sole purpose of pushing up a single website in the search engine positions. These websites that form the PBN are typically created from expired domains. So when a webmaster no longer wants a website or a business or charity no longer needs its website it expires and PBN owners purchase these domains. They then place backlinks on these PBN websites pointing to they're money website (the website they want to rank).

What is PBN Hunter?

If a PBN owner is experienced they will know that using a PBN can get their website delisted from Google search results as its against Googles webmaster guidelines. Therefore they will hide these PBN websites by blocking backlink crawlers such as Ahrefs and MOZ. PBN Hunter allows you to see these hidden PBN backlinks.

Why should I use PBN Hunter?

If a competitors backlink profile doesn't look quiet right for how high they're ranking then you should check with PBN hunter to see if they're being boosted up Google by a hidden PBN. Nobody wants to invest hundreds of hours into an amazing website only to realise you have no hope in hell in ranking because that keyword which looked so easy to rank for is actually being domainted by people with hundreds of PBN websites.

How does PBN Hunter work?

PBN Hunter works on the following premise. If a website owner has a website (our target website) about a computer game called "Dead man X" they will build their PBN websites pages containing the term "Dead man X" either in the link anchor text or somewhere in the page text. PBN hunter will take the term they are trying to rank for ("Dead man X") and scrape every result from all major search engines about "Dead man X" it can find. Once it scrapes a page containing the term "Dead man X" it will check every outbound link on this page to see if its linking to the targeted website. If it finds a link to the target website it will also check if the website is blocking backlink crawlers such a MOZ and Ahrefs.

Watch PBN Hunter in action

Change log

  • 19/06/2016 - Initial release
  • 19/04/2017 - Fixed yahoo scrape, tweaked google results and bing results so much faster, added bug reporter
  • 19/06/2017 - Added bug reporter
  • 18/01/2018 - Added fix for scraping bing

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from SuperGrowth.com and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my pbn hunter tool, for those of you who don't know what pbn hunter is, it allows you to find your competitors hidden PBN links. Now, when I say hidden, I mean hidden from backlink crawlers such as MOZ, AHREFS, majestic, etc. So you know when you see a website, ranking really high and you check out their backlink profile and it just doesn't make sense why they are ranking so high with so few backlinks.

Well, chances are they're, probably using a nice big, hidden, strong private blog network to rank so high. PBN hunter works by scraping every website it can from major search engines for the search terms their website is ranking for and then crawling all these scraped websites and checking them to see if they're linking to the target website. So for example, if funny.com was ranking for funny videos and funny pictures, then pbn hunter would scrape Google and Bing for the results for these search terms. Then on every result it would check if there's any links to funny.com, I also check if it's blocking backlink web crawlers too. PBN Hunter has several advantages over backlink crawlers ie it can't be blocked because obviously it's coming from your home or VPS IP and the user agent rotates, etc. It also tends to find many web 2.0 properties that often backlink crawlers that will often block backlink crawlers, so sometimes you'll not only find the hidden private/public blog network links, but you'll also find their tiers of web 2.0s.

So they might be gsa spamming or whatever, now before we start I'd just like to briefly say be careful how you use this tool, because if your competitors are using a private blog network and then youm go and report them, if you are also using PBN they'll, probably report you to and anyone else, they think it may have possibly been reporting them. So before you know it everyone's reporting each other and you're all getting the deindexed and instead of you all ranking and making money divided amongst you now none of you in that niche will be ranking and not making money.

So I recommend using it as just a competition analysis and research tool for nichees you enter in each time to see if someone is being powered up by PBN. Okay. So, let's start: firstly, I highly recommend using death by capture with this application, because Google generally does provide the most websites to scrape and if you don't have a death by capture account setup with this app you'll be prompted every time you hit a capture, so you won't get very far, anything is doable if you want to sit there and enter a hundred captures or whatever.

Personally I just pay the five dollars for, like thousands of captures. Ok, so first enter the domain that you think might be using a hidden PBN enter it without the WWW, I think you should be fine targeting web 2.0 s as well. So just put it in you know funny cats, tumblr.com or whatever. Now, in this example, which going to use a little hidden private blog network that I set up for a test, it's targeting two search terms and they're League of Legends niche, so select the search engines that you want to scrape from. I recommend using them all really there's, no reason not to and then select death by capture and do your capture username and your password.

Now enter the keywords that your competitors website is ranking for in a line separated format. In this example, I've just targeted some counter guides for a couple of characters in the legends game. I think has well over a hundred thousand searches a month each which is pretty good. So next up set the amount of pages that you want PBN hunter to scrape from the keyword that was searching. I just leave this unlimited and it'll just keep scraping and scraping, so that returns our results. Okay, so that's it! We are ready to start now.

I would say, because we're scraping and crawling so many pages, it is the kind of application that you just whack all the details in and then I just leave it overnight maybe or a good few hours to find what it can. It all depends on how many how many results come back and how many search terms keywords you enter their ranking for but a lot of the time it's just a leave overnight job.

Okay. So let's start okay, so pbn hunter has been running for about 15 minutes. Now, well, they don't expect results that quickly, every time and you can see it's picked up my PBN domains that are pointing to my money site here and it's highlighted the keyword. It's displaying the keyword, but it's searched for to find these private blog network domains they're linking to our targets right here. You can also see that it's picked up some of the web 2.0 that I was using as a buffer tier. So it's done okay, that's it! I hope you've enjoyed the video and get some good results of PBN Hunter. If you have any questions, please message me also, if you'd, like anything created that you think there's a good demand for. Please fill out my suggestion form on SupaGrowth.com. Thanks guys.