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What is Proxy Checker?

This tool is 100% free software used for checking if your proxies are functioning as expected. Simply download and enter your proxies then click "Check". Reliable working proxies are key to successful internet marketing. Often you may try and save money by purchasing semi, or even scraping public instead buying dedicated only to find out most of them are not going to work for your project.

How does it work?

This free tool has three methods of checking if your proxies are working or not.

  • Basic HTTP - This check takes each proxy and tries to connect to your configured website ( by default) if it can successfully connect then it is deemed as working, if it can't them its deemed to be not working.
  • HTTP code - This check will allow you to enter your target URL ( by default) and the tool will connect through each proxy checking the HTTP response code it receives against the rules you have entered. For example it can fail if a 403 (forbidden) is given by the remote web server, or it can only pass if a 200 (success) is given by the remote web server.
  • HTML - This check allows you to pass and fail proxies based on what HTML is returned by the remote web server. For example if you think some of your proxies may of been blocked by the web server you can configure this check to fail if the word "blocked" is detected in the HTML returned by the remote web server. Or you can congifure this check to pass if some of the expected HTML is returned in the response from the web server.

NOTE: Please use supported formats of (IP:PORT) or (IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD)

Why should I use it?

Often people purchase their proxies then just enter them into their chosen bot and let the bot work away. However what happens if even just 10% of those semi-dedicated ones you are sharing with others are not working. Will your bot / application tell you? Most would not. You'll be limiting the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts in a way that could easily be avoided if you used this free checking software. Plus where else can you download this soft of software for free? Another advantage of a software tool that you download and run over an online checker is that when you enter your proxies into online checking services you don't know if that data is going off to be part of some public list. Where as with this download you can use something like wireshark to see that any data enteed into the application stays in the applicatiom.

What it does this free tool look like?

Proxy Checker

Watch it in action / Tutorial

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Change log

  • 23/10/2017 - Initial release