19/02/2018 - Rewrite complete! As promised I've now finished the rewrite and its working like a charm :-) let the traffic flow in!

Twitter Bot - Automate Your Twitter Accounts For Free

What is Twitter Bot?

This software automates many of your daily twitter account activites for you. It can follow and unfollow people, tweet, pin, retweet and more. It can handle many many accounts and is only limited by the resources (RAM/CPU) you can allocate it.

Why should I use it

Twitter marketing is a fantastic source of traffic, while all social networks are great for driving traffic to your website few have the unique features that make Twitter really stand out for this task. For example few social networks allow you to amass an unlimited amount of contacts you may interact with. Linkedin, Facebook, Tumblr all have 5,000 limits in general. Twitter is also relatively bot friendly, as long as you are sharing good content and not spamming/annoying people you can follow a couple of hundred people per day without fear of your account being banned. Get your Twitter Bot download now! :-)

How does it work?

You simply load your twitter accounts into the Twitter Bot then add any proxies you may need. Once all your accounts are loaded in you set up scheduled tasks that run at a set time or at set intervals to perform specific tasks such as tweeting a tweet from a pool of predefined tweets or following people who have just followed accounts related to your niche. With a healthy amount of accounts loaded in you can expect to gain 20,000+ followers after a month or so. Please not this software requires you have a 64bit operating system.

Software features

  • Auto pin your tweets
  • Auto retweet your tweet and others tweets
  • Auto pin your tweets
  • Auto follow users
  • Auto tweet images
  • Auto post your tweets
  • Check if accounts are banned
  • Check if accounts need phone verification / password change etc

Watch it in action

Change log

  • 19/06/2016 - Initial release
  • 19/06/2017 - Fixed following, unfollowing and retweetings changes, added bug reporter
  • 06/07/2017 - Fixed logging in error
  • 06/08/2017 - Fixed another logging in error
  • 29/08/2017 - Fixed CSRF token error when following and unfollowing
  • 29/08/2017 - Full rewrite, many bugs fixed. Switched to full browser emulation.
  • 04/03/2018 - Added auto like feature, like users tweets by keywords
  • 28/05/2018 - Added fix for GDPR prompt
  • 22/07/2018 - Fix for test ID HTML changed by twitter
  • 28/10/2018 - Fix for tweeting issues

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from SupaGrowth.com and in this video I'm going to show you how to use my Twitter bot called blue bot, so what is blue bot? Basically it allows you to automate your Twitter activity, but on a massive scale, so you're tweeting you're following you're unfollowing you're pinning you're and retweeting and so on over time this will build you an audience to market your products and services to thousands of people. At the moment, I've got it running with a hundred accounts and I'm getting about a thousand followers a day. Now botting and automation of twitter tasks like this has a bit of a bad reputation and rightly so because some people are very aggressive with how they use twitter bots and other automation software on social networks. The trick to building large audiences on Twitter is really simple, just don't annoy people and don't annoy Twitter and when I say don't annoy people, I mean don't tweet the same tweet again and again and again and don't just promote your own products, try to actually add some value to their timeline with your tweets.

Because then, your accounts will grow naturally. As well, things like tweeting directly to hundreds of people a day in an automated way is just going to get your account banned before you even get a hundred followers and when I say don't annoy Twitter, don't do any sort of activity too fast in an automated way that's going to obviously annoy people because their systems will notice that very quickly, and even if people don't report you for spamming, their systems will watch your activity over a set duration of time and they'll pick up on what you're doing and they'll ban your accounts and they won't just ban one they'll ban all of them that they can find, so treat your accounts like a long term, investment that you're slowly growing.

Okay, so in this how to use video I'll start off on the home tab here and work my way through these explaining what each one's for. So when you click home, you'll get a dashboard with all your activity, any errors that have occurred any important notice and it's like you, know, locked account, suspended or ones who have been challenged for any email or telephone number as well in here, you can also go to check all events that are currently running and you can also enable and disable all events you have scheduled as well. So this is the account page, this is where you manage your accounts, where you add and import them I'll just show you an account now. So that's pretty populated with just some test data so you enter your account handle there the email address for that account and then the password to that account and normally you'd have a drop-down and your proxies there, because we haven't had any.

You can see that account now and their stats, that's how many you're following, how many followers you have, status that's if the account is locked or suspended, or anything like that. Visit, if you click that you can open it and it'll take your browser to the account and a remove basically deletes it, and you can change any of this account information at any point by clicking the manage cog and saving any changes. If you do have a large amount of pre-existing accounts, you can use the import accounts feature just make sure that you do have them in this set format, make sure it's username colon email color on password. Okay, so this is the manual tab, you can either tweet, you can either run the events manually through here I want to say manually, I mean you set it up in here and then you run it and or you can set tasks up as scheduled. So you kind of set them to run every half an hour or every day of three or whatever most of the time, you'll set things up are scheduled task. It's kind of a set and forget configuration, so you just want to set it up and tweet across all your accounts. You probably do that as a manual action in here, so I'll show you how to Tweet to begin with before we go through these other options.

Now before you tweet anything, you need to configure your tweet into the system. So if you go to resources down here, this is where you add a single tweet and then, if you want, you can add it into a tweet pool. So I'll show you how to add a single tweet and then I'll show you how to add it into a pool and I'll explain why you wanted to do that, also you can use spintax in your tweets. So we've now added a single tweet, you can see I've added a few more in there before. So we go back to my manual tab you've got tweet selected and if we want to tweet a single tweet, we can now select that tweet. You just add it and then assign it to an account and click run now, and then that will begin in our manual action now also. What we can do is, rather than just having hundreds of scheduled tasks or manual or hundreds of tasks that set up for each individual tweet you can just have one task manual scheduled or whatever configured to tweet out of a tweet pool, and so every time you put a tweet in, if you want you can assign it to a tweet pool and then tweet something out this tweet pool.

So I've already created a tweet pool, so let's click Add to pool. So I haven't added this one to the pull yet, you can see I've added the other ones in there. So now we go back to manual tab and we want to tweet your random tweet from the pool and I can specify that pool or just out of a single tweet to click the account name and then click run now that'll go off then tweet from that pool of tweet. Okay, so next up is follow. There are two types of follow you can do, you can follow another accounts follower, so say for example you want to grow your Ferrari Twitter account then you could sell it to follow the followers of the official Ferrari account or another high-performance popular big, high-performance car account, and you just put them in a line, separated format. Then we've got the amount followers that we want to follow per run on each account.

So every time you create this manual task or you create a scheduled task you'll set how many followers each count that is assigned to the task will follow per run and that's the total amount followers for all of these counts. So every time it runs on that account it will only follow a maximum of 10 people, so once you've got that configured how you want it, just click run now and it should start doing follows. The other type of follow that we have is follow from tweeted keywords. So, whenever anyone tweets about a car, I don't know Benz or something then we'll follow the people tweeting about that. Whatever image, whatever term you enter in there and again the amount followers to follow, that's all the same, you just select the account and run it in the same way again.

Okay, so next up we have unfollowing so you'll probably want to go with the unfollow of non followers at the set time option. That just unfollows anyone who hasn't followed back after a certain hour time, it defaults to three days, that's pretty standard, pretty safe. The other option is to basically just unfollow everyone who's, not following you, regardless of when you followed them. Okay, so next we have retweet, so you can retweet by a tweet ID, so you can go off and so you scroll down someone's Twitter page and then find the the tweet ID and enter it in there and then up select the account you want to apply to and run it and now go off and retweet that specific tweet or you can just retweet the last tweet that that account made, you should enter the account in there, click run, click the ones you want it to do and it'll go off and do that.

Okay, so next we have a pin, you can pin by an accounts specific tweet ID, so if this test account here, tweeted certain tweet, that you want pin from a week ago, just scroll down its profile and find a tweet ID in HTML and then enter it in there and then that can be pinned or you can just pin by the lastest tweet that accountant made. Obviously, if you want to apply this action event to a set of accounts at once, then you'll have to do it by the twitter accounts last tweet.

Ok, so now we have tweet image, now the same principle applies here with tweet pools as in the normal text tweet. So as we discussed earlier, so you can either tweet a single image or you can select a random image from a tweet pool out as well. I'll just show you where these are, so you go to resources, single tweet images, you can add tweet images in here and then once you've added them you can manage which tweet images are in which tweet image pools. So select which accounts you want to apply it to, and then click run.

Okay, so now we're on to the scheduled tab, this is where you set up at the twitter events that you would want to run at set times or set frequencies, and this is probably what you'll be using most of the time if you want a proper set and forget configuration, so we want to create a new scheduled event. Now you've already done the manual tab, so you should kind of be familiar with how you set up these tasks so I'll just quickly do a tweet one again, so you select tweet, but you want single tweet, which tweet and then which account you wanted to tweet that tweet or you could apply to all accounts. Next, you can select tweet to the pool and then select which pool you're going to use so to set up how often you want it to run or when you need to have it at set intervals. So, probably what you want is really every hour, so you want to tweet something every hour, just select an hour and zero minutes. Now, if you want to run in an hour and leave that unticked ticked, if you want to run as soon as you add the event, the moment you click out of this, then tick that. If you want to add it in, have it disabled for any reason, then, just untick that so now that once we click out of it that'll run every hour tweeting on on this account from that tweet pool. If you want a event task to run a specific time, then you select 1 1 p.m. and select a specific time instead of set interval run at that time. Okay, so we clicked add event and there it is in our list of scheduled events.

If you want to change events at any time, just click the change cog and make any changes you want to change, eg change a single tweet and save it, and that will be updated. Okay, so proxies, you will need proxies if you want to run a decent amount of twitter accounts and I would say it depends how many people you're following the quickest way to grow an account is through follow churning, but really if Twitter thinks you are doing that they will ban your account, especially if you're churning a lot of followers from a lot of accounts that are on very few IP addresses. Personally, I would go with two accounts per proxy and just be really conservative, with your following and unfollowing. As I said before, I think I honestly believe the best way to be successful with these kind of automated software is to treat your accounts like long-term investments and just grow them gently and try to actually add value to your followers timelines give them things that are actually genuinely interested and they will actually retweet and like an account which will then grow naturally. Also you know, if you're not annoying people you're not going to get banned and you can do a little bit of follow churning and get away with it.

Okay, so you can add them manually in there and if you require a username password to use that proxy than enter it there, otherwise don't tend to them, and it won't attempt to use one. So once we added it, we can delete it there if you're, probably going to want to import them rather than have them one by one. So you have a little import feature here now they have to be in this set format, so the program understands them. So if you're importing with a password make sure it's an IP address for username password separated by semicolon, if no passwords required, then its IP address colon port. So when you import, you can replace the current list or you can append to the current list. Quite a handy feature here is: when you import your proxies, you have that ticked then it will remove all the proxies you have set on your accounts currently and it'll distribute these proxies evenly over the accounts you have in the accounts tab here.

Ok, so resources tab, we kind of already covered this. Basically, you add single tweets in here you can use spintax in your tweets so whenever this tweet comes to be tweeted, it will select one of these two words inside here, it has to be in this set format, so it has to be bracket first word pipe second word, you can add multiple ones if you want and that will tell you the tweeter specific characters max, that's how many tweet characters it would be if every one of the longest words was selected. So we put a shorter word in here, that won't change, then we get to see that begin to increment so yeah once you got a single tweet, it goes into the system and then you can add it on the manual page or a schedule page. If you've got loads of tweets already that you want to import, you can import them straight into a pool, just make sure you've got a tweet pool already created. The same principle applies for image: tweets, really, you add them and then you can either nightly tweet a single tweet or just or you can add them to a pool. And then you can access them still as a single image tweet, but you can also access the pool therein.

Finally, in the event log, so every time your account does something it'll appear on the event log here there's an error: they'll appear in the error log. Here, don't worry too much about connection errors. I found because you're doing because you're sending a lot of requests through a lot of proxies. You will get some dropped connections, don't panic it doesn't mean your accounts being blocked. If you can't log in or something just run it again, chances are, it will probably go through next time. The home page, here will always give you a good indication of whether there's any real problems with the twitter accounts locked, suspended and email telephone challenged at the last login but don't be too alarmed, you get a lot of account challenges. All that is is when you create account from an IP address in either America, and then you get your proxies load in themn log in or attempt to log in using one of those proxies that belongs to either some Russian provider or something Twitter is like a hey I know you're logging in from the other side of the world and it'll ask you to enter your email address to confirm that it is you, so you know your accounts not in any trouble it's just a security measure.

Okay, so just finally I'll just click these settings here now you can, as I showed you befor you can specify account, follow limits here. If you want, you can just leave it at that and kind of work out in your head how many people that's going to follow if you run that five times a day and it's you know following ten people at a time, but sometimes it might not find ten people who you haven't already followed or something. So what you can do and what I do is I set the daily follow limit per account here. So that means every account you have in the system, you won't follow more than 200 people per day, I mean that's actually quite a high setting.

Personally, I set it to like 80 or something and only ever follow a user once globally. So if you've got a ton of accounts in the system and you've got them all under the same task and they're all following the same accounts people may begin to get annoyed if you've got a hundred accounts and they follow same people constantly. So if you've got a hundred accounts and you follow someone who's just followed, you know the Ferrari thing and they get a hundred notifications from follows from your other accounts you've been followed by these accounts and they've all the same, tweets and stuff. You know that kind of annoys people, so I always use this option here, so you won't follow the same person more than once from any account you have in the system. So next option limited number of scrolls, so as your twitter accounts grow, when we unfollow people, we basically scroll down through your following page to unfollow people who aren't following you back, but as you amass more and more followers and you follow more and more people, those pages begin to get quite big. So if you've got a hundred, two hundred accounts in the system and they're all scrolling down, these two hundred accounts following pages and that can be quite resource intensive. So what I do is I limit that number of scrolls. So you know, as you get an account to like a hundred thousand followers and it's following or following a hundred thousand people you don't want to scroll down all the way through that hundred thousand people you're following and check through them all to check that they're all still following you back. You can if you want but it will just take a very long time you might find scheduled tasks are overlapping and things like that, because it's taking so long to work its way through all those people who we are following to check each of them and see if they are following back. So I generally limit that to around a hundred or something.

Okay, So that's it hope you enjoyed the video and you you feel confident enough now to use it. Like I said it's a great tool, you can amass a lot of followers quickly and that will generate you a lot of traffic, as I said before, just treat each account in the system as a long-term investment, because that's the beauty of Twitter versus other social networks is that you can have you know half a million people following you, you can't really do that with Facebook or LinkedIn or anything so just grow them slowly. Don't annoy people, try and tweet something of value for them and you will end up with a lot of followers, generating a lot of traffic. So that's it if you can think of anything that you want developing, you think as a good demand for come to SupaGrowth.com and comment or fill out the contact form. Thanks guys.