06/02/2018 - Rewrite complete! As promised I've now finished the rewrite and its working like a charm :-) let the traffic flow in!

Twitter Laser - Twitter Auto Reply Bot With Free Trial

What is Twitter Laser?

Twitter Laser is a desktop application that allows uses to automatically tweet to users who have specific keywords in their tweets. For example if someone tweets "excited for game of thrones" then Twitter Laser can automatically send a tweet to this user saying something like "@user Hi Ben, I'm excited too! I wrote a cool post on this check it out". There is no limit on the amount of keywords that can be monitored or accounts that can be used.

How does it work?

Firstly you add in your twitter account(s) you want to tweet from, then you configure what we call "lasers". These are the keywords we will listen for and what to tweet to the user for each keyword. Once these lasers are configured Twitter Laser will automatically loop through these checking for new users to tweet to.

Why should I use it?

Twitter Laser if used correctly can generate hundreds of laser targeted visitors per day. You simply have to know all the keywords your potential website visitors will be tweeting and customise the message you tweet at them for each one. Where else can you generate such targeted traffic from Twitter?

Tips for max results

  • Don't post spammy links or you'll get your account and domain banned off Twitter pretty quickly.
  • Don't run other Twitter automation software on the same machine/IP.
  • Tweet useful things to users and don't annoy them.
  • Tweet from trusted and aged Twitter accounts.
  • Have a sensible delay between Tweeting messages to people.
  • Make your Tweets as targeted as possible so avoid many of the above.
  • As of 06/02/2018 this tool requires Chrome to be installed

What does Twitter Laser look like?

Twitter Laser

Watch Twitter Laser in action / Tutorial

As of 06/02/2018 this tool requires Chrome to be installed

Change log

  • 31/07/2017 - Initial release
  • 9/08/2017 - Fixed logging in bug
  • 06/02/2018 - Rewrote large parts of this tool to future proof it. Added telephone number challenge support and various bug fixes.
  • 28/05/2018 - Added fix for GDPR prompt
  • 22/07/2018 - Fix for test ID HTML changed by twitter
  • 28/10/2018 - Fix for tweeting issues

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from SuperGrowth.com and in this video, I'm going to show you how to use my Twitter laser tool and basically what it does is it allows you to tweet highly customized tweets at people when they tweet specific keywords (an auto reply tweet). So, for example, you may have a Game of Thrones fan website and if someone tweets, you know "excited for Game of Thrones" then this tool will automatically tweet at them something like, and you can customize this, something like "hi. Then their name I'm super excited to check out my Game of Thrones fan website" or something like that. So, hopefully you can see there the potential to generate lots of really its laser targeted traffic.

As long as you know, your niche well and one of the reasons that I called it Twitter laser was because I want to emphasize that, because you're directly messaging people, you really have to make it laser targeted, because otherwise it's going to annoy people and they're going mark your tweets as spam and you'll get your twitter accounts banned pretty quickly, unless you really do you know, customize it and think about what people will be saying and think about the messages that you want to automatically tweeted them. Okay so what we'll do first is we'll go through some of the options and how you populate, how you enter the data in the system that you'll need to begin.

So it does support proxies, if you want proxies, you can load that in, you can either manually enter them in or you can load a list in just pay close attention to the proxy and you can distribute them over the accounts. you've got on the system and you load them in. So this is where you view the accounts that you have in the system, you can add a Twitter account manually or you can again, you can import the list. Okay, so I'm just going to add a test account for now so you see what it looks like, if you want to edit that you click manage status, that's just if it's blocked or not, okay, so final setting in general settings here this is how many times you basically want to, I suppose the easiest way to phrase is how aggressively you want to tweet people. I would leave that on what it is so your accounts don't get flagged for anything.

So if you read through them, they're fairly self-explanatory, if you're testing stuff you might want to purchase, oh so you've got your own account in there or something, and you don't mind yourself being tweeted several times then you might want to put it on no limit. Otherwise, if you're promoting the same website across multiple accounts, I'd keep it just only ever tweeting the same user once from any account. It kind of depends on your on how many twitter accounts you have and what your niche is you're in things like that, but yeah I'll leave that up to you guys. So right, let's add our first Laser, so first we select the accounts that we want, this twitter auto reply laser to run on and then we enter the text we want to look for in tweets, so we'll just go along with the the Game of Thrones example I was talking about before "excited for Game of Thrones". Okay, so you have two options here, one makes it a little bit more customized than the other, so you can just tweet to anyone who tweets that and just so you're aware that any tweet that contains that text there, so if they were to have other text around it in the tweet then they still get tweeted at. The second option is a tweet to people where we can only find their name.

So, basically in this software there's a big database of Western names and whenever it picks up a tweet that matches criteria here, it'll check their profile and see if it can extract a name from their bio. Now you can use that to make it more customized, which I'll show you in a sec or if you don't really care about that, then you can just tweet anyone who tweets that and then you enter your message below here like that. You can put a link in there as well, but you'll have to use a URL shortener, it does support spintax as well. So if you don't want to be tweeting the same thing again and again again you can use for to spintax, so spintax using that format and you can use it multiple times as many times as you'd like something like that. So it would randomly pick one of these strings, one of these words inside this inside the bracket, you can have as many as you like, so we've got two there three there so it'll just randomly pick one each time.

Okay! So, let's do an example of when we tweet only people that we can extract the twitter real name of so you'd, say use extracted name then we use the name so where it's got extracted name that will replace extracted name and the brackets, with the name that we've extracted out of their bio, so if their names Ben or whatever and it'll say, "hi or hey, Ben I'm and then super or really excited to check out my bio link" "lol or X X, a little smiley face". Okay, that's it! So there you go! That is our first laser there and once you click start, can't do it now, because I put in a fake account, but it will go off login with that account and it will search for people who have tweeted that and then you'll see in the laser in the results grid. It will show each tweet and it'll have an an ID you'll see the account that it came from the account that it tweeted, the message that was generated and you can click in there to see tweet.

Okay, that's it guys. I hope you find this software tool useful and you can see its potential for generating highly targeted twitter traffic. As a word of warning I try and emphasize by the names at all Twitter laser. You know it's a laser targeted traffic so think really carefully because you are direct messaging people and if you annoy them with irrelevant tweets that have nothing to do with what they've tweeted about then they will mark your tweets as spam and you will get your account banned and then possibly your website, and it will be blacklisted on Twitter and you don't want that so just think carefully about how you use it as long as you put the time in to make it you know very relevant for each user, then you should be fine. Okay, thanks for watching guys,