YouTube Comment Bot 2018

What is YouTube Comment Bot?

YouTube Comment Bot is a software tool used for commenting on videos, it allows users to automatically poster comments on YouTube videos that match set keywords for your niche. For example if someone uploads a video about cooking with a certain type of cooker/ingredient (bacon perhaps) then it will search for "cooking with bacon" every few minutes and comment on the video with your chosen marketing message for your brand or product.

How does it work?

YouTube Comment Bot uses its own built in web browser to browse YouTube and comment on videos. Once it finds one matching your keyword(s) it will comment then move onto the next video or next keyword. You can use the Log Viewer feature to always see what its doing.

NOTE: I've recently had some questions/confusion about why its sorting by video upload date. There are two modes for tool can run in...

  • Comment on new videos - This mode works by searching for the newest page of videos so you can just leave it running and forget about it. So it will comment on all recent videos then new videos then repeat this process so its set and forget.
  • Comment on existing videos - For each of your keywords (targets) this will comment on every video it can find starting from page 1 onwards then stop.

Why should I use it?

YouTube Comment Bot is a super powerful way on generating web traffic to your website. You simply set it up with your keyword(s) and messages for each keyword and it will run 24/7 without any help driving YouTube traffic to your website.

What does YouTube Comment Bot look like?

YouTube Comment Bot

Watch YouTube Comment Bot in action / Tutorial

Change log

  • 18/08/2017 - Initial release
  • 19/08/2017 - Fixed a bug with comments not being entered properly
  • 20/08/2017 - Fixed a search bug
  • 20/08/2017 - Fixed a various commenting bugs
  • 27/08/2017 - Fixed settings saving issue
  • 31/08/2017 - Added new mode to comment on all videos for niche keywords
  • 18/09/2017 - Fixed comment on all videos sorting by upload date (changed to popularity) + fix textbox return bug
  • 01/10/2017 - Fixed live streaming comment bug
  • 18/10/2017 - Fixed comment delay bug
  • 05/11/2017 - Fixed login bug some users were experiencing and also fixed "error stopping" on live/banned streams for users in New Video mode
  • 27/01/2018 - Added additional check to see if we've already commented on this video
  • 05/03/2018 - Added auto like and auto subscribe feature for videos
  • 28/10/2018 - Fix for logging in issues

Video transcript

This is the transcript from the video above, it needs tiding up a little as its from YouTube subs.

Hi guys it's Jamie from in this video, I'm going to show you all how to use my youtube comment bot and what it basically does is it allows you to automatically comment on YouTube videos based on based on keywords that's it will search for. So for example if your niche is cooking, then it will search for cooking videos and then comment on those YouTube videos accordingly as match your niche. So I'll give you an example now of what it can do, so I'll just show you some of the config setup first now this this is pretty basic really, the delays and then usesr to skip. If you don't want the software to comment on certain users videos enter them here. So pretty obvious stuff, only have a comment once per YouTube user. So if a YouTube user uploads, you know 100 videos and let's just use the cooking niche example again, if a user uploads, hundred videos about cooking in different ways and stuff you'll only ever comment once on one of those videos, because you would have already commented one of those videos you have that option selected to comment once per video.

Pretty self-explanatory, so if you've already commented on a video you're not going to want to comment on it again. So if you've got that set, you will comment. So if someone uploads a hundred cooking videos - and they all are returned when we search for cooking videos, then you will comment on every one with your message no limit on commenting. So you might want that if you're just uploading videos yourself a test it or something like that, and if you want to reset everything so every time you comment on a video, it will record it, it'll make a note of that comment so that you can apply one of these rules to it.

If you want to reset all that just click that and it'll empty all the comments that it's remembered basically. Okay, so I'll show you how to configure it to find videos to comment on, so basically we call, I guess you could say we call each keyword like a target, so in here that will list all our targets that we've got. We haven't created any so it's obviously empty,so let's create one. So in this instance, I'm just going to go for a simple one "backlinks". We have two options, you can either comment on just any video that comes up for backlinks with regards to the author's name, or you can only comment on a video if we can extract the first name from it. The reason you might want to do that is because you might want to make it more personal, because you can use syntax like this. So you've got it to only comment on videos where we can extract a name, then you could say: "hey ben great video on backlinks", you know and something like that. So now you can see, we've got one target keyword there, hit is zero because we haven't ran the commenting yet and a name check it's true. So let's just change that so I want to show this and also spintax is supported.

I'll give you a quick explanation of spintax so for those that don't know, spintax basically it'll just pick randomly one of these two words to put the message there. You have to edit to add your account username password in there. Alright, So now I've got one of our targets set up and our account is set up, that's everything we need. So, let's start posting, so you'll see it logging in now, and it's worth noting on Windows 10 and above you can mute individual applications, because when this opens a video up to comment on it, the video will start playing. So I'm just doing that now in the background turning the sound down on the application, so its searching for backlinks. When we've loaded one up now it should, not sure you'll actually be able to see there but we go and we've commented on it and now we will move on to the next one. There you go, it will keep going and going and once it's commented on all the videos for this target keyword search, it will then pause and then search at a later time again and then on any new videos or then comment on those new videos. So you can actually just leave it running in the background and it will just keep commenting on all new YouTube videos in your niche and by the way, if you did just notice that what on one of the videos are loaded there was two comments, that's because if that was from a previous video.