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"I just wanted to say thank you for releasing the expired tumblr hunter. Its a awesome piece of software. You can add my email to your email list if you have one."


"Hey Jamie, I just wanted to say that your tools are amazing. I'm blown away that you would put them up for nothing (which believe me as I go on this journey I appreciate!!). It seriously is a very classy thing and I have a lot of respect for it. I guess you get used to what types of people are swimming in the 'internet pool' and you come to expect to be raked over the coals at every turn. Even though you should definitely be compensated for your work. Awesome man. Thank you very much."


"Love the website, and the software which you are offering to people, it's good to see someone giving rather than almost all on the net wanting just your money i am going to be a frequent visitor to your site to see what future updates and tips you come up with i wish you luck in your future endeavours and i hope that you reach whatever goals you set for your self."


"Hi Jamie, I'm Nick from and I absolutely love your tools. Can't quite believe that you are letting them go for free here. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you have coming up next."


"Thank you for you software! I'm using both Tumblr hunter and the broken backlink finder. It's really great. Plus, the UI is pleasing too."


"Hey mate, ive seen your thread on BHw about your software, thanks for providing it for free! Its amagazin!"


Please share my website everything is 100% free and totally rocks!

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PBN Hunter

Used all your SEO kung-fu but still can't understand how your competitors are ranking so high in the search engines? Theres a strong chance they're using a hidden private blog network. PBN hunter is a free tool that will help you find these well hidden PBN websites. PBN hunter can also be used as a keyword research tool to determine if a keyword really is as easy as it seems before you invest countless hours trying to rank for it.

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Expired Tumblr Hunter

Make use of resources others no longer want. When a Tumblr user is inactive tumblr disable their account. You can then reregister the users address (e.g and make use of all the back links it has pointing to it. Tumblr hunter can check thousands of Tumblrs with the click of a few buttons to see if they have expired. Power your websites up google with a strong network of niche related tumblrs.

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DoComment uses the Twitter API to seek out DoFollow blog comment links you can score to boost your website up the search engines. DoComment can give you an almost unlimited amount of niche related spam free safe strong backlinks for your website.

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Twitter Bot - Blue Bot

Automate your Twitter activity with my new Twitter bot, Blue Bot. Tweet, Follow, Unfollow, retweet, Pin and more. There are no account limitations you can load in as many accounts as your PC can handle.

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As SEO is shifting more towards content marketing than just manually building links having the ability to automatically market your content with laser targeted precision while on autopilot can change your business. TrafficPhire uses the Twitter API to for people in your niche then populates and submits thir websites contact form.

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Email Scraper

Email scraper can gather thousands of emails from websites by domain or keyword without the need for proxies. Spamming emails is so 2001! Use these huge email lists to create cheap Facebook ads. Many marketing platforms allow you to load in email lists.

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WordPhire is what I call an experiment in ethical spamming! WordPhire uses the Twitter API to find people in your niche then builds highly customized comments of value to automatically post on their Wordpress blogs.

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Bad Neighborhood Checker

How much do you know about the websites you're sharing an IP address with? Probably very little. Are they hosting malware? Are they hosting thousands of auto generated spun content? Have they been deindexed by Google? Bad Neighborhood Checker can provide you with the valuable information you need about your IP address neighbors to decide if you need to move or not.

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Keyword Feast

Keyword Feast uses the Google suggestion API to generate thousands of long tail keywords for your niche, some of which will have zero competition. It can even alert you of new search trends in your niche so you can be the first to dominate a search term.

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Expired Web 2.0 Ranker

Expired web 2.0 ranker is a simple tool that allows you to find expired web 2.0 properties by scraping web 2.0's from Google and Bing. These web 2.0's can be tumblr, weebly. blogspot, wordpress and the software even allows you to add your own web 2.0s to scrape for. The software also supports proxies allowing blazing fast results. All search engine scrapes can be niche related or go by a list of keywords that you provide.

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Supa Simple Rank Checker

Monitor your rankings and an unlimted number of keywords with Supa Simple Rank Checker. View graphs of your websites rankings and how its moved over weeks and months. Install, add keywords then just leave it running for 100% free search engine ranking reporting.

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Expired Domain Finder

Give yourself a head start on your money webiste or find awesome domains to build a PBN with expired domain finder. No more paying for expensive expired domains at auction. Search by niche or just leave running forever.

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Viral Spy

Spy on your competitors content by finding which pages have been shared the most on social media. Viral Spy will crawl every page on a website and check how many times its been shared on Facebook, Gplus and Twitter.

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Supa SEO Checker

Check your websites entire SEO setup on every page for free. Just enter your website and Supa SEO Checker will crawl every page checking all important SEO points.

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Amazon Ripper

Download all Amazon item details from selected Amazon categories. Including prices, review ratings, item titles and more. Great for finding new niche products to promote.

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Easy Amazon

Easy Amazon helps you find Amazon products that have people searching for reviews for them but have ZERO competition on the search engines. Select a category and Easy Amazon will check every item in it to see if people are searching for reviews for that product then it checks if anyone is ranking for reviews around this product.

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Search Engine Scraper

Scrape Google and Bing for results for free and automatically check the DA and PA of each result.

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Guest Post Finder

Finding good high metric blogs that accept guest posts can be difficult. Guest Post Finder allows you to simply enter your niche keywords and it will scrape search engines for blogs allowing guest posts in your niche, it will also check the PA/DA of each result.

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